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JRealtime Analytics JRealtime Analytics
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JRealtime Analytics is the easiest solution to have in your Joomla system all the technology offered by Google servers!
Price: 35.00 USD
JRealtime Analytics is the easiest solution to have in your Joomla! system all the technology offered by Google servers without need for integration! All informations are stored on your server!
With JRealtime Analytics you will be able to track in realtime what's going on your site, simply monitoring graphs and analytics stats in your Joomla! backend area without need for integration with 3PD services like Google Analytics!
All informations are stored on your server!
As users arrives, also supporting guest users, you will see charts refresh and repaint themselves with updated data, and you will be able to see the page that every single user is on, fully monitoring the trend of visitors on your site.
Moreover JRealtime Analytics offers also classical analytics data for period of interest, with evolved functionality for report generation in PDF format.

Stats generated by JRealtime Analytics are SEO optimized and can be precious to understand trend on your site. You can track how much time users have spent on every single page, you can know average time and pages that users leave your site. This type of stats is fundamental to improve users experience on your site.
JRealtime Analytics is easy to use as install it in your Joomla! system, whatever version you are using. Once installed you will be immediatly ready to monitoring everything without needs to edit settings or do some additional steps. Install it and your are done, it's the easiest way and fully plug'n'play!

Product features
  • productfeatureRealtime stats

    Monitor in realtime what's going on your Joomla! site, view the interactive charts that repaint themselves as users arrive!.

  • productfeatureAnalytics stats

    Extrapolates analytics stats for period of interest, like users visited pages, browser and operating system percentage, geo-location, and many more.

  • productfeatureSEO functionalities

    All data offered by JRealtime Analytics is SEO optimized: for example you can know pages that users arrives on or leave off your site.

  • productfeatureCharts powered

    Easy way to monitor what's happening: with completely self-explanatory interactive charts for every single stat available.

  • productfeatureReport generation

    Export in PDF format every report you need for analytics stats within the period of interest and archive them easily.

  • productfeatureFully plug'n'play

    JRealtime Analytics is really the most easy solution! Simply install it with your Joomla! installer as usual and you are done! Monitor everything immediatly.

Detailed stats and graphic charts
JRealtime Analytics is a recording and report system for Joomla and activity logs for admins. Monitor everything that happens in your site without the need of an external tool like Google Analytics. Analytics right into your Joomla site. It can work with any Joomla extension and component: K2,DOCman,JomSocial,Community Builder,Virtuemart,Zoo,EasyBlog,SobiPro and more.
  • Activity logs for admins let you know WHO did WHAT, WHEN and from WHERE and you can filters stats
  • HTML5 graphics charts for stats with support for all browsers including mobile iPad, iPhone, Android and more.
  • Export graphics charts directly in PDF report!
  • Mobile support, you can monitor everything is happening on your site in every place with your preferred device
  • IP geo-location: language and country
How it works
JRealtime Analytics is an extension based on interaction between component and plugin for Joomla!, so once installed a lightweight plugin daemon will be hiddenly executed on your frontend site for each user who arrives, also for guest users. Plugin communicates with Joomla! backend component that will let you monitor the site trend with realtime charts and processed analytics data.

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Price: 35.00 USD