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Instant Paypal Standard

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Instant Paypal Standard Instant Paypal Standard
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Instant Paypal is the simplest way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a powerful ecommerce, install it and start selling products
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Instant Paypal Standard is the simplest way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a powerful ecommerce with essentials functionalites.
With this simple plugin your Joomla! CMS will gain ecommerce functionalities, integrating contents with Paypal payments system. The plugin follow a simple syntax to embed products directly in Joomla! contents, for example:

Between the 2 tags placeholder you can insert many product details to configure what and how you want to sell the single product.You can do this for example with a tag like this:
{instantpaypal} price= 30, productname= DemoProductxxx1 {/instantpaypal}

As you can see you can specify many details for product, that will override the default settings global to all products as specified in plugin configuration parameters:
  • action - Action for paypal button(this is also the type of button generated)
  • productname - Name of the product
  • price - Price for product you want to sell
Product features
  • productfeatureChoose Paypal buttons

    Choose Paypal button type you want to show for products and its associated functionality.

  • productfeatureCurrency settings

    Specify currency you prefer for products.

  • productfeatureExtended product info

    Show extended product info for users below buttons.

  • productfeatureSell multiple products

    Sell multiple products, also within same Joomla! article.

  • productfeatureCSS personalization

    Set CSS class names for button HTML elements.

  • productfeaturePaypal integration

    Configure buttons and actions to integrate with Paypal through plugins settings and override.

Install plugin and you are done!
Simply install plugin with your Joomla! extension installer and once activated you will be able to start sell products!
Only few minutes to transform your Joomla! CMS ecommerce capable!

You can configure plugins settings to suit your needs, and override the settings for every single products.
Moreover in the same article you can insert more than one product with the associated button setted as you want.
product screen product screen product screen product screen
Price: 0.00 USD